Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability

3–5 July 2019, ST. PETERSBURG

    Architecture of the IFC-2018 business programme published

    Business programme architecture for the 27th International Financial Congress has been published on the IFC official website. 

    The International Financial Congress will be held on 6–8 June 2018 in St. Petersburg, Russia. Governor of the Bank of Russia Elvira Nabiullina will open the Congress business programme.

    Three plenary sessions will take place on the first day of the Congress. The first plenary session titled How Does Regulation Affect Financial System Stability and Economic Growth? will be devoted to changes in the regulation of the financial sector in the past 10 years since the last global financial crisis. The discussion will touch upon Basel III standard, macroprudential measures on providing financial security, financial market development perspectives in view of the continuous trend towards tightening the regulation. The second panel section titled Birth Traumas And Acquired Illnesses In The Russian Banking System: On The Road To Recovery will cover current issues of the banking sector development in Russia, the results of clearing the banking sector from bad-faith participants, and the ways of resolving current problems faced by the banks. The third plenary session named Economic Trends And Their Influence On The Financial Sector Development will address the dynamics of global and Russian economy as well as long-term trends to define the operation terms for financial institutions in the coming years. Other sessions of the Congress first day will cover the topics of banking supervision and regulation, monetary policy, Eurasian Economic Union financial market development, cybersecurity, etc.

    The second day of the Congress will focus on the development of competition in financial sector. Plenary discussions Competition On The Financial Market: Obstacles And Solutions and Three Strategies For Development: The Financial Market, Information Technology, And Access To Finance will be devoted to the elaboration of joint solutions by the regulator and business community regarding the provision of equal market terms for the market players and the promotion of competition. Second day round tables will address such competition factors as the development of new technologies, fighting bad-faith practices, proportional regulation. There will also be session on the equity market development, long-term money institution creations, current insurance issues, human resources management in the financial sector, etc.

    In the lead-up to the Congress, the 2nd Summer School on Macroeconomics for graduate students and young professors will take place. The Starting Day of the Congress, 6 June 2018, will feature International Insurance Conference, round table on asset management, Macroeconomics conference of the Bank of Russia and a number of other events. The Starting Day programme will be published on the Congress website in April.