Dmitry Levin

Deputy President – Chairman of the Board, Bank Otkrytie FC

Born on 27 August 1965 in Moscow.

In 1987 he graduated with honours from Moscow Financial University.

Mr Levin is one of the most experienced and reputable bankers in Russia. For over 30 years, he has been continuously involved in the banking and financial industry.

He launched his career in 1987 at the Foreign Trade Bank, USSR.

In 1990 he was an expert of the Monetary and Economic Department of the USSR Ministry of Finance.

In 1991 he became the Chief Economist of Sberbank, USSR.

Since 1992, he has held senior positions at the International Joint-Stock Bank of Savings Banks and OAO Mezhkombank.

Dmitry Levin developed a reputation in the banking sector while working at ZAO Russian Standard Bank, where he had been working since its founding. Since 1999, he has held the positions of Senior Vice President, Director of the Department of Interbank Transactions and the Financial Market.

In November 2001, he became the Chairman of the Board of Russian Standard Bank and held this office for almost 15 years, until May 2016. Mr Levin turned the Russian Standard into one of the most dynamic and well-developed retail banks in Russia.

In July 2017, he was appointed Executive Director of the Orient Express Bank, and in September of the same year – First Deputy Chairman of the Board.

From January to September 2018, he served as Chairman of the Board of the Orient Express Bank.

Since 1 October 2018 - Deputy President - Chairman of the Board of the Otkritie Bank. He oversees the operations of the Financial Unit, which includes the Financial Department, the Treasury and the Accounting and Reporting Department, as well as the Subsidiary Relations Department, the Government Affairs Centre and the Legacy Loans Department.

Candidate of Economic Sciences.