Patrizia Baudino

Senior Advisor, Financial Stability Institute, Bank for International Settlements

Patrizia Baudino is a Senior Advisor at the FSI, which she joined in April 2016. She focuses on macroprudential issues for banks and represents the FSI in the BCBS Macroprudential Supervision group.
Prior to joining the FSI, from 2002 Patrizia was an Advisor at the European Central Bank, where she held a number of positions in the International and Financial Stability directorates. At the ECB, her work focused on macroprudential policies and financial stability. She was involved in various rounds of EU-wide stress tests for banks and insurance companies and she represented the ECB in Financial Assistance Programmes for some EU countries. Patrizia spent three years (2007-2010) on secondment to the Financial Stability Board, where she contributed to the FSB activities in response to the financial crisis. Patrizia holds a PhD in Economics from Princeton University.