Alexey Buzdalin

Head of the Working Group, NSD Price Center; Director, Center for Economic Analysis, Interfax Group

Director of the Interfax Center for Economic Analysis, CSc (Econ.)
Head of NSD’s Price Centre Working Group
Vice President of the Guild of Financial Analysts and Risk-Managers

Completed projects
2019 Development of a methodology and organization of calculations for the bond indices of Russian issuers' Eurobonds (RuData project)
2018 Development of a methodology and organization of calculations for rouble bond liquidity ratings (RuData project)
2017 Development of a methodology for estimating the fair values of bonds for the benefit of NSD's Price Centre
2016 Development of methods for mapping rating agency scales in the interests of the Bank of Russia
2004 Development of a methodology for assessing the sufficiency of the deposit insurance fund in the interests of the State Corporation Deposit Insurance Agency

1991–1996 Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University, specializing in probability theory and mathematical statistics, mathematical economics.
1996–1999 Post-graduate course at the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Moscow State University. Dissertation: “Invariant methods of multivariate statistical analysis”.
1995–1996 Actuarial training courses (risk analysis and assessment, tariff calculation)
conducted by the French Society of Actuaries (FFSA) in cooperation with
specialists from Moscow State University. After training, he underwent an internship in France.
2003–2005 Postgraduate studies at the Faculty of Economics, Moscow State University. In
2005 he defended his Candidate of Sciences thesis on “Mathematical methods for assessing the reliability of a commercial bank” (specialty 08.00.13 – mathematical and instrumental methods of economics).
January – March 2011 Internship at Stanford University on a grant from the U.S. Department of Education and the Fund for the Improvement of Postsecondary Education (FIPSE).

Scientific activities

Scientific activities in the fields of risk management, mathematical modelling of banking systems, forecasting, expert evaluation and data analysis, theoretical statistics.
Lecturer at the Banking Institute of the National Research University – Higher School of Economics.
More than 100 publications in leading journals related to scientific and professional activities.
Author of the monograph “Reliability of a Bank: from Formalisation to Evaluation” published by Libricom Publishing House, Moscow, in 2012.