Elena Chaikovskaya

Advisor to the First Deputy Governor Sergey Shvetsov, Bank of Russia

Мs. Elena Chaikovskaya graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics in 1995, majoring in Finance and Credit with an expertise in Banking Industry. For the period of 1995-1997 Ms. Chaikovskaya was working at а commercial bank and in 1997 she joined the inspection unit of the Federal Commission of Securities Market (afterwards - the Federal Financial Markets Service). In 2004 Ms. Chaikovskaya switched over to the Bank of Russia, specifically to the Market Operations Department, where she was dealing with the methodology of the Bank of Russia domestic and foreign markets operations. In 2011 she moved to the newly established Financial Stability Department of the Bank of Russia, where she was responsible for the development of financial market infrastructures and instruments. In January 2014 Ms. Chaikovskaya was appointed to her current position of Head of Financial Market Development Department­ one of the new structural units of the Bank of Russia, which was created as а result of the Bank of Russia taking over the Federal Financial Markets Service. Since May 2018, Ms. Chaikovskaya as an advisor to the First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia Sergey Shvetsov, has been charged with overseeing the priority areas of the Bank of Russia, including the project on organizing the Marketplace platform and the Registrar of financial transactions.