Valery Tsialipka

Director General, Agency of Deposit Compensation, Republic of Belarus

He was born in Minsk in 1969, is Belarusian.

Family status:
Married with 2 children.

 Non-State Academy of Parliamentarism and Entrepreneurship – Economist (Minsk);
 The International Road Transport Union (IRU) Academy (Moscow).

Additional education:
 Academy of insurance management (Federal Republic of Germany);
 Certified as a manager of bankruptcy cases of the highest category in Belarus (Minsk).
Professional activity:
 7 years of experience organizing and ensuring the implementation of logistics processes (worked for the Association of International Road Carriers (BAMAP), BAMAP became an active member of International Road Transport Union (IRU));
 3 years of banking experience (worked at Belvnesheconombank);
 15 years of insurance activity experience in management positions, including insurance company director (3 years);
 Since December 2016 – General Director of the Agency of Deposit Compensation.