Andrey Petkov

CEO, IFC Chestnoe Slovo

Andrey Petkov has been the head of IFC Chestnoe Slovo since 2012.
At the dawn of his career, he worked in Heineken, Red Bull, DHL, and other companies; it took him five years to promote from a general sales representative to a sales director.
In 2011, he began to explore e-commerce, and in 2012 he became the head of commercial projects at LLC Internet Solutions. In this capacity, he oversaw the implementation of the major initiatives of the company (including the sale of third-party goods through as a part of the Marketplace project) and negotiations with foreign partners and investors like and Rakuten.
In the autumn of 2012, Andrey Petkov developed the idea of creating a financial and technical project and implemented it with the support of the European Venture Fund, establishing the Chestnoe Slovo microfinance company in Russia and heading it as CEO. Since December 2015, under Andrey’s management, the company entered the Kazakhstan market, and in November 2016 – the Georgian market under the Mr Loan brand.
He obtained a law degree from the Moscow Higher School of Economics and studied at the Russian State University for the Humanities majoring in Organization Management.