Galina Morozova

Deputy General Director, REGION Investment Company

Supervises the coordination and development of the Group’s non-state pension funds business.

Chairman of the Board of AO NPF BUDUSHE, AO NPF Sotsialnoye razvitiye and AO NPF Obrazovaniye.
Board Member of the Self-Regulatory Organization ‘Association of Pension Funds ‘Alliance of Pension Funds’’ (ANPF).
Head of the Committee on the IPC Self-Regulatory Organization ‘Association of Non-State Pension Funds ‘Alliance of Pension Funds’’ (ANPF).
Member of expert councils and working groups under federal executive authorities and public organizations.
Before joining IC REGION, she headed the Sberbank NPF since it’s founding until 2018. 2003–2006 – Chairman of the Board of the National Association of Non-State Pension Funds (NAPF); until 2018 – a member of the NAPF Council and Chairman of the NAPF Strategy Committee.
University Degrees
1986 – graduated from the All-Union Badge of Honour Order Distance Institute of Finance and Economics (economist).
2000 – graduated from Moscow State Academy of Law (lawyer).
She has a qualification 5.0 (management of investment funds, mutual investment funds and non-state pension funds), 7.0 (non-state pension funds, compulsory pension insurance and professional pension insurance).
Awards and titles
In 2002 she received the medal ‘For Merits in the All-Russian Population Census’.
In 2004 she received the honorary title ‘Honoured Economist of the Russian Federation’.
Multiple award winner of the TOP-1000 Russian Managers rating (according to the Kommersant Publishing House and the Association of Russian Managers).
Winner of the Financier 2014 award.
Winner of the national Reputation 2017 award.