Yury Marinichev

Member of the Board, Association of Credit Consumer Cooperatives ‘Gardarika’

Yuri Marinichev was born on 4 May 1962 in Leningrad.
In 1986, he graduated from the Lensoveta Leningrad Technological Institute majoring in Chemical Plants Equipment.
In 1998, he graduated from St. Petersburg University of Management and Economics with a degree in Finance and Credit.
Over a career of more than thirty years, he has gained substantial managerial experience in investments, trade, construction and consulting.
In 1996, together with his colleagues, he founded one of the first financial unions in the North-West.
All these years he has strongly supported credit unions. As a volunteer, he contributes to the development of the Kassa Vzaimnogo Kredita Credit Union, the Gardarika Association, the Second-Level Union ‘Mezhregionalnaya Rezervnaya Kassa’, the Cleverfund Union Support Fund, the International Convention of Russian Credit Unions ‘Karelskiy Bereg’.
Yuri Marinichev is a member of the Expert Council on Non-Bank Financial and Credit Organizations under the State Duma Committee on Financial Market and a member of the Expert Council on Microfinancing and Credit Unions.