Evgeniya Lazareva

Project Manager, All-Russian People’s Front ‘For Borrowers’ Rights’

Born on 14 February 1982.
Social activist and entrepreneur, founder of Mamanonstop and GNEZDO Communication Holding, producer of the First Children’s Rock Festival KidsRockFest, author of the Made by Mom – Made in Russia social project, author of the financial education programme Credit Fairway.
Member of the Supreme Council of the United Russia Political Party, an entrepreneurial platform.
She spent 12 years in trust management and information disclosure on financial market participants. In her corporate career, she successfully promoted to become a director of a department in an international bank and Chairman of the Board of Directors of an information agency for financial markets.
In 2009, she founded two companies, the GNEZDO agency and the Mamanonstop family clothing brand.
In 2011, Mamanonstop company won the Business Success contest by OPORA Russia in the Best Startup nomination. Mamanonstop is not just a Russian clothes manufacturer for parents and children; it is a socially oriented business with a breviloquent mission ‘to unite’.
In 2014, she founded KidsRockFest. More than 150,000 Moscow families attended the music festival.
Since 2014, she has been an expert and coordinator of the Russian Popular Front’s project For the Rights of Borrowers. Also, Ms Lazareva is the author of the public financial education project Credit Fairway.
In 2015, she organized the Made by Mom – Made in Russia project aimed at creating and developing an interactive environment to support women’s entrepreneurial projects.
Since 2015, she is a member of the Women’s Support Committee of the OPORA Russia Political Party.
In 2016, he won the APEC Best Award. The Kids Rock Fest Family Music Festival received public recognition in the Best Impact for the Society nomination.
In 2016, she was one of the founders of the 4 WE Foundation to support and promote women’s entrepreneurship.
In 2019, she was appointed a project manager for the Russian Popular Front’s project For the Rights of Borrowers.