Vincenzo La Via

Managing Director, CEO Promontory Europe and Middle East

Vincenzo plays a pivotal role in delivering Promontory’s expertise to clients throughout the European continent, drawing on more than three decades in international finance and regulation. His career has spanned high-level public and private sector roles, enabling him to provide clients with deep insights into the dynamics between government regulators and the entities they supervise.
Before joining Promontory in 2019, Vincenzo spent six years as director general of the Department of Treasury within the Italian Ministry of the Economy and Finance, where he simultaneously served as deputy minister for all international positions. He held these roles at a time when the Italian government was undertaking dramatic change in the banking sector. Vincenzo was one of the architects of a new system designed to improve economies of scale, expand market access, and strengthen the management of non-performing loans.
In his capacity as director general of the Treasury, Vincenzo also served on several European Union and multinational bodies, including the G7, the G20 and the International Monetary Fund’s International Financial and Monetary Committee. He was chairman of the EU’s Financial Services Committee and vice-chairman of its Financial and Economic Committee, and was chairman of the Control and Risk-Management Committees of the European Stability Mechanism and the European Financial Stability Facility. He was also a Financial Stability Board member from 2006 to 2018, holding the distinction as the longest-serving member, and chaired the Italian Financial Security Committee.
Before joining Italy’s government in 2012, Vincenzo served for seven years as managing director and chief financial officer of the World Bank Group, gaining extensive and high-level knowledge of development finance and corporate governance.
Earlier, working in the private sector, Vincenzo served for five years as chief financial officer of Banca Intesa, then one of Italy’s largest banks, and for three years as a managing director and partner of Azimut, a leading Italian asset management firm. He also had previous experience with both the Italian Treasury and the World Bank Group.
• Ph.D., economics, University of California at Los Angeles
• Laurea (B.S.), economics, summa cum laude, Università La Sapienza, Rome
• Young Professionals Program, World Bank Group