Andrey Zhurikhin

Director, Risk Management Department, NPF BUDUSHCHEYE

Born on 3 November 1968.
Member of the Risk Management Working Group of the Self-Regulatory Organization the Association of Non-State Pension Funds ‘Alliance of Pension Funds’ (ANPF).
Over 20 years of experience in the financial sector.
Before joining NPF BUDUSHCHEYE, he worked for six years at NPF Sberbank as a head of the Risk Management Department.
University Degree
1994 – graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology (engineer-physicist).
1998 – Master’s Degree from Moscow International University (Management).

A certified GAPR Financial Risk Manager.
He has a qualification 1.0 (financial market specialist in brokerage, dealer and securities management operations), 4.0 (depositary activities) and 7.0 (non-state pension funds, compulsory pension insurance and professional pension insurance).