Renat Davletgareyev

Chairman of the Board, Credit Union ‘Renda Savings and Loan Fund’

Renat Davletgareyev was born on 30 August 1961 in Ufa.
In 1984 he graduated from the Ufa State Aviation Technical University with a degree in engineering.
He was engaged in sports and held the title of master of sports in boxing.
From 1984 to 1986 he served in the army as a lieutenant.
Since 1987, he lives in the city of Langepas, Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Area, Tyumen Region. Until 1993, he worked as a coach, director of a sports complex, and an oilfield worker.
In 1993, he registered Renda LLP to consolidate citizens in joint ventures and consumer unions to purchase cars and housing under high inflation.
In 1997, he reorganized LLP into an aid fund for consumer associations.
In 2000 he registered as an individual entrepreneur.
In 2004, the Consumer Credit Union ‘Renda Savings and Loan Fund’ was established, where Mr Davletgareyev is the Chairman of the Board.
Since 2014, he is a Council member of the SRO NOKK.
Since 2017, he is a Supervisory Board member of the League of Credit Unions.