Dmitry Tulin

First Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia

DmitryTulin was born in 1956 inMoscow. In 1978, he graduated from the Moscow Financial Institute (now the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation) and then – besides working – did part-time postgraduate work at the All-Union External Finance and Economics Institute (now an institute of the same Financial University) and was awarded a Candidate of Science in economics. Having graduated, he also started working for the State Bank of the USSR, where he rose to be a member of the board and then, at the end of 1991, transferred to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia). He worked two terms for the Bank of Russia, with a gap of 10 years in between (1991–1994 and 2004–2006), both times as Vice-President. He also worked for the Bank of Foreign Trade (now VTB), the International Monetary Fund, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, and the Deloitte auditing firm; he also engaged in scientific work and lecturing, acted as an independent director or member of the supervisory boards of Russian and foreign banks and companies. In January 2015, he returned to the Bank of Russia as First Deputy Governor.