Vasily Pozdyshev

Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia

Professional Experience

1988–1989 – Metering and automatics technician, grade 2 computer engineer at Sergo Ordzhonikidze Gorky Aircraft Production Association, Gorky.
1989–1994: Student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow.
1994–1999: Postgraduate student at the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow.
1995–1997: Planning and control specialist at Compagnie Bancaire (Groupe Paribas), Paris.
1997–1998: Head of credit and insurance development mission in Russia, development board specialist at Groupe Paribas SFS, Paris, Moscow.
1999–2000: Vice-president, head of the International Development Department at Cetelem SA, Groupe Paribas, Levallois, France.
2000–2003: Senior vice-president, a general director and chief executive officer at Cetelem, Groupe BNP Paribas, Athens.
2003–2005: Board member, deputy director, principal partnership supervisor at Cetelem SA, Groupe BNP Paribas, Levallois, France.
2005: Head of the expert group for TACIS Banking Supervision and Reporting at the Delegation of the European Union to Russia, Moscow.
2006–2009: Executive officer, member of the board of directors at the investment fund EcoLive SA, general director at the management company EcoLive Ltd, Luxembourg, London.
2008–2009: Board member, deputy director at Cetelem SA, Groupe BNP Paribas, Levallois, France.
2010–2012: Deputy Chairman, finance and risk supervisor at Moscow Bank of OAO Sberbank Russia.
2012–2014: Director of the Banking Regulation Department at the Bank of Russia, Moscow.
Since 2014: Deputy Governor of Bank of Russia, Moscow.
Member of the Bank of Russia Board of Directors (since 16 June 2015).


1994: Graduated from the Lomonosov Moscow State University, Moscow.
1995: Graduated from the Paris Dauphine University (Paris IX), Paris.
2010: Graduated from the Ecole Nationale d`Administration, Strasbourg.