Igor Marich

Managing Director, FX, MM & Derivatives, Member of the Executive Board, Moscow Exchange

Igor Marich was born in 1974 in Moscow.
He graduated with honours from Finance Academy under the Government of the Russian Federation. He has also completed INSEAD's Transition to General Management programme.
In 1994–1999, Igor worked for Elbim Bank where he advanced from the position of economist to the position of head of the Securities Office.
In 1994–2000, Igor worked for Sodruzhestvo Bank as head of the Securities Office, in charge of stock market operations.
Since 2000 Igor has worked at MICEX. He directed the development of the derivatives market on MICEX and the implementation of new instruments in the markets of the MICEX Group. He was actively involved in the successful realization of a project to organize the repo market on MICEX and in the subsequent development of on-exchange repo operations, as well as in the organization of bank deposit and lending operations on MICEX.
Igor has been a member of the Executive Board since the beginning of 2016. As head of MOEX's Money and FX Markets from 2011 and Derivatives (since 2018), he led a number of prominent initiatives such as the launch and rollout of CCP-cleared repo; the transformation of the FX Market (roll-out of a new risk-management system, agent-based model offering DMA and access for brokers, clearing membership for non-residents and new products with new currency pairs and deliverable FX derivatives); and the launch of a new Money Market instrument based on GCC repo.