Andrey Kruzhalov

Deputy Governor, Bank of Russia

Born in Moscow in 1965.
In 1989, graduated from Moscow Institute of Economics and Statistics, with a degree in Economics.
In 2004, graduated from Plekhanov Russian University of Economics.
Andrey Kruzhalov has the following awards: The Order of Honour; Certificate of Merit from the President of the Russian Federation; Certificate of Merit from the Bank of Russia.
In 1988–1992, worked in public and private organizations.
In 1992–2013, was employed in Sberbank in Moscow (Chief Economist; Deputy Head of Department; Deputy Manager; Deputy Director of Accounting and Financial Reporting Department; Chief Accountant of Sberbank).
In 2013–2018, Chief Accountant of the Bank of Russia; Director of the Accounting and Financial Reporting Department.
Starting from 2018, Deputy Governor of the Bank of Russia.
Total employment record: 29 years, including 5 years in the Bank of Russia.