Ilya Kochetkov

Director, Microfinance Market Department, Bank of Russia

Kochetkov Ilya was born on November 11 1970 in Moscow.
He graduated from Plekhanov Moscow Institute of the National Economy (Plekhanov Russian University of Economics since 2010) with a specialty in planning of national economy in 1991.
1991-1994 – Postgraduate from the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Science.
Ilya has been working at the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (Bank of Russia) since April 1994 and has held different positions at the bank starting as an economist of the second category of the Financial Monitoring and Foreign Exchange Control Department and becoming the Head of Division of the same Department.
2011-2014 – Head of the Financial Monitoring Department of Russian Agricultural Bank (RusAg).
2014-2016 – Head of the Protection of Financial Services Consumers and Shareholders Department of the Bank of Russia.
Ilya has been the Director of the Microfinance Market Department since 2016 and a member of the Finance Supervision Committee of the Bank of Russia since 2014.