Financial Markets: Increasing Complexity, Maintaining Stability

3–5 July 2019, ST. PETERSBURG

Preliminary session topics
for the International Financial Congress 2019

Cross-sector sessions

  1. Protecting the Rights of Citizens: Creating a Financial Ombudsman Office and Behavioural Oversight Institution

  2. Funding Entrepreneurship – A National Priority

  3. Approaches to the Regulation of Financial Groups

  4. Digital Transformation and Cyber Risks in the Financial Sector

  5. Compliance as a Part of Corporate Culture

  6. Developing the Potential of Personnel in the Financial Sector

  7. Anti-Money Laundering Legislation and Modern Financial Technology: Is a Compromise Possible?

  8. Fair Pricing on the Securities Market

Macroeconomics and Monetary Policy

  1. Interaction between Monetary Policy and Macroprudential Policy

  2. Features of Policies Implemented by Central Banks in Emerging Markets in an Era of Heightened Global Uncertainty

  3. Accelerating Economic Growth in Russia

  4. The Effect of Regional Economic Heterogeneity on Monetary Policy Decision Making

  5. Inflation Expectations and Ways to Manage Them

  6. Central Bank Communications as a Monetary Policy Tool


  1. Bank Funding for Investment Projects: Lessons from the Past and a Look to the Future

  2. Transitioning to Project Finance for Housing Construction: Challenges and Opportunities

  3. Banks and the Stock Market: Are Restrictions Needed?

  4. IFRS 9: Specificities and Results of Implementation

  5. Macroprudential Policy: Aims, Means, Results

  6. Banks with a Basic Licence: The Present and the Future, Development Pathways

Finance Market Professionals

  1. New Approaches for Finance Market Specialists

  2. Investment Consulting: Initial Results

  3. IT Solutions in Accounting Infrastructure

  4. Issues Surrounding Cross-Border Cooperation in the Finance Market

  5. Justification for Regulatory Arbitrage for Individual and Collective Trust Management

  6. Fair Pricing on the Financial Services Market

Collective Investments: Main Challenges and Ares of Growth

  1. Private Pension Funds: Competition and Factors Hindering Business Development

  2. Private Pension Funds: Broadening Investment Opportunities vs Managing Risk – Earn or Save?

  3. Collective Investments for Retail Investors: The Search for Drivers of Growth

  4. The Special Depository: Keeping in Step with the Times; What Does an Investor Pay for?

  5. Risk-Management Tools in Collective Investments: The Ability of Managers to Leverage Them, and Willingness to Invest in Them

The Insurance Market

  1. A Development Strategy for the Insurance Sector: Perspectives from the Market and the Regulator

  2. Third-Party Vehicle Liability Cover: A Focus on Customization

  3. Life Insurance: Prospects

  4. The Consumer in the Insurance Market

  5. New Approaches to Assessing the Financial Stability of Insurance Companies


  1. Credit Cooperation: Pathways towards Earning Trust and Raising Popularity

  2. Current Issues Related to Helping Pawnbrokers Achieve Stability and Business Model Development

  3. Transforming Business Models for Microfinance Organizations through Limiting the Cost of Loans

  4. Microfinance as a Tool for Ensuring Affordability